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Silicone technical plate of 2 mm
  • Silicone technical plate of 2 mm

Silicone technical plate of 2 mm

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Main properties:
* Long service life;
* Excellent thermal stability;
* Resistance to repeated compression;
* Invariable electric properties;
* Low gas emission;
* Chemical inertness;
* Anti-adhesive properties (neprilipayemost);
* the Big durability, flexibility and compressibility at the specified temperatures;
* does not sustain combustion;
* does not possess a smell, taste and it is not toxic;
* Possesses excellent resistance to atmospheric actions;
* does not give in to influence of sunshine, ozone, moisture and dryness;
* does not support growth of fungi;
* Service life at the room temperature is almost not limited.;


Main technical characteristics and physicomechanical indicators:

Durability at stretching on a gap, not less: 6.0 Mpa.
Plates from biologically inert materials on the basis of siloksanovy rubbers (silicones) are issued various sizes, from 1 to 40 mm thick, with the hardness from 20 (spongy) to 80 units on Shora.

These products maintain long influence:
high and low temperatures (from -50 °C to +280 °C, about +320 °C are short-term).
electric field to 20 ÷ 30 kV/mm,
ozone, oxygen, various oils,
the boiling water, at the same time water absorption does not exceed 1-2%.
in 10 ÷ 20 times surpass rubbers from organic rubbers in gas permeability. are not toxic, inert to physiological liquids. are steady against the diluted solutions of salts, acids and the bases.

Physicomechanical properties:
Tensile strength not less than 60 ÷ 80 kgfs/cm of quarter.
Lengthening at a gap not less than 300%
Hardness is 20 ÷ 80 units of Shor
Density is 0,2 ÷ 1,3 g/cm ³.

Resistance to chemical environments:
Salts: sodium carbonate, copper sulfate, iron chloride, sodium chloride.
Bases: ammonium hydroxide, GAME (25%), NaOH (20%).
Acids: nitric - (10%), sulfuric - (30 ÷ 50%), salt - (10 ÷ 18%), stearin acid, acetic acid - (30%), phosphoric acid.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.08.2018

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