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Ladles are noriyny

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We offer ladles noriyny, plastic, metal (stamped, an envelope, seamless).

Ladles noriyny are applied on noriya (elevators) to movement of grain, seeds, flour, bran, compound feeds and other loose products. Are established a nakonveyerny tape, a so-called noriya which is intended for vertical raising of bulks.

Ladles noriyny are divided by types, the sizes and materials of production. There is a division on:

  • polymeric,
  • seamless,
  • stamped metal.

Fastening on an elevator tape is made by means of noriyny bolts (M10-40 M8-32), washers (M10 M8) and nuts (M10 M8).

The stamped metal ladle is stamped or boiled in seams by electric welding, as a rule, combined and metal ladles works of an elevator for giving large fractions of material are used under trying conditions, the sizes and their capacity it is more than at all-metal. Besides, combined and metal versions are made both with a bottom, and without it.


Seamless metal ladles have strictly limited sizes IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST 122124-90 and to state standard specification 26582-85 as they are stamped compression molds, the possibility of production of types and the sizes is limited. They are made of black and galvanized steel, have the smooth rounded-off forms of corners, and reduce sticking of the moved material. On weight the seamless metal noriyny ladle rather easier welded and not much is heavier polymeric. Also are made with a bottom, without bottom and with partitions.


When using polymeric noriyny ladles it is provided:

  • explosion safety as possibility of a spark at an edge zadevaniye about a noriyny pipe is excluded;
  • practically grain and seeds due to elasticity of an edge is not injured;
  • sticking of hardly loose and damp products due to low adhesion of production to a polymeric surface is excluded;
  • the electric power consumption, mechanical loading a nanoriyny tape and the drive of a noriya at the expense of low weight is cut.

Polymeric noriyny ladles possess considerable rigidity, in the course of work do not change a geometrical form, resistant to corrosion and are silent in work. Are operated at a temperature from - 40C to + 60C.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.08.2018

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