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The tape is noriyny
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97 UAH
  The tape noriyny (a belt flat) BKNL-65,  is most often used for transportation on noriya (noriyny elevators) for supply of grain, sand, sawdust and other loose and melkoabrazivny freights. The Noriyny tape is often used together with noriyny ladles which fasten by means of special bolts. Also...
Group: Paternoster belts
He tape is conveyor
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  Conveyer belt rezinotkanevy (conveyor) GOST 20-85.Are applied to transportation of loose, lumpy and piece freights on tape conveyors with various rolikoopor.     1 - working rubber facing;2 - fabric laying (framework);3 - rubber laying;4 - non-working rubber facing   Exam
Group: Conveyor belts
Ladles are noriyny
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22 UAH
We offer ladles noriyny, plastic, metal (stamped, an envelope, seamless). Ladles noriyny are applied on noriya (elevators) to movement of grain, seeds, flour, bran, compound feeds and other loose products. Are established a nakonveyerny tape, a so-called noriya which is intended for vertical...
Group: Paternoster ladles
MUVP K4 ring
In stock 
Rings CEVM (coupling elastic vtulochno-manual) are intended for work in a manual vtulochnykh couplings at a torque transmission from 31,5 Nanometers (Nyyuton*metr) to 16000 Nanometers, reduction of dynamic loadings, compensation of fluctuations of loading. Working range of temperatures from...
Group: Rubber rings
Silicone technical plate of 2 mm
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930 UAH
Main properties: * Long service life; * Excellent thermal stability; * Resistance to repeated compression; * Invariable electric properties; * Low gas emission; * Chemical inertness; * Anti-adhesive properties (neprilipayemost); * the Big durability, flexibility and compressibility at the specified...
Group: Silicone rubbers
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
42 UAH
  • 39 UAH/kg.  - from 50 kg.
The autopath is intended for laying in places where demanding to lower degree of traumatism and it is required to create a continuous antiskid surface. Cover descents, steps and other surfaces in production premises of shops, warehouses, the enterprises, and also a floor of the land and water...
Group: Equipment and accessories for Car Salons
TMKShch black liner
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35 UAH
Plates technical TMKShch are applied to production of the rubber products serving for consolidation of motionless connections, prevention of friction between metal surfaces for perception of single shock loadings, and also as laying and floorings.Are efficient at t ° from -30 °C to +80 °C.  
Group: Rubber technical plates
MBS black liner
In stock 
nbsp;The MBS brand – maslobenzostoyky.Working environment: air of rooms, capacities, vessels; inert gases with a pressure from 0.05 to 0.4 MPas or oils and fuels on an oil basis, gasoline with a pressure from 0.05 to 10.0 MPas; nitrogen.Are efficient at a temperature from-30 to +80 the Rolled plate...
Group: Rubber technical plates
Path dielectric (carpet dielectric)
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78 UAH
The path dielectric is used as additional protection during the work with a current dielectric paths are made of special rubber and have to meet the requirements established by industry instructions and the corresponding TU. The security measure is applicable in the closed installations at a...
Group: Delectric rugs


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