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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The autopath is intended for laying in places where demanding to lower degree of traumatism and it is required to create a continuous antiskid surface. Cover descents, steps and other surfaces in production premises of shops, warehouses, the enterprises, and also a floor of the land and water transport.


      The autopath is a linoleum of the increased wear resistance, represents two-layer material from PVC with the relief drawing in the form of a convex coin or strips and a warm felt (textile) basis from the nonwoven cloth which is not shrinking which reinforces the top layer. The nonwoven basis is strongly fastened to a polymeric covering and is easily pasted to a floor, at the same time in addition improving its sound-proof and heat-insulating properties.

The autopath rubber is one of the most high-strength finishing materials used as an antiskid protective floor covering.




•  durability and wear resistance;
•  high resilience on a gap;
•  resistance to deformation and stretching;
•  excellent coupling of a covering with a car floor;
•  high coefficient of friction (prevents sliding);
•  water tightness (does not pass and does not absorb liquid, protecting a body from corrosion);
•  immunity to a mold under the influence of dampness;
•  resistance to aggressive chemical compounds (including to lubricating oil and gasoline);
•  resistance to pollution;
•  absolute unpretentiousness in leaving and ease in cleaning;
•  lack of an adverse effect on an organism




     Modern technologies allow to release automobile paths, using various impurity and additives in process. It allows to improve quality of production. Modern automobile linoliuma do not harden on a hard frost and well transfer low temperatures. They are more elastic and are exposed to any adjustment by means of tools. Today by production widely apply natural rubber, polymeric materials and other synthetic components. Existence in structure of autopaths rubber rubber, does this production environmentally friendly. The natural rubber involved in production of autopaths saves products from an unpleasant "rubber" smell. Besides, products from the rubber or polymers having properties of natural rubber have high resistance to mechanical loadings and resistance to influence of gasoline and oils.


Density — 1,46 g/cm3 

Relative lengthening at a gap — 280

Strength on a gap — 4,2 MPa

Hardness — 70+/-5 Shore A

Working temperature from - 45 °C to +70 °C. 

The autopath does not change property on a hard frost and well transfers low temperatures. It is glued by glue 88. 




The drawing of a surface of an autopath has an appearance:





The weight of rolls is 40-70 kg.

Fastens glue 88.

 Thickness is 3 - 5 mm.





The main scope of autolinoleum is the covering of floors:

•  buses 

.  minibuses,

   share taxis;

•  trolleybuses, trams, cars of trains of the subway, railway cars;

•  vans, crew buses, change houses and construction cars, masterful and repair stations, special equipment;

•  cars.

Also automobile linoleum is used for:

•  internal finishing of floors and cabins of tractors, combines and other special equipment;

•  ramps, platforms, ladders and steps;

•  half of warehouse, production, commercial rooms – as antiskid material;

•  finishings of a floor in elevators.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Roll width: 120 - 150 cm
Information is up-to-date: 29.08.2018

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